E Devices

I have a friend who loves everything new in the way of technology. And he loves to share. So when he gave us an Echo dot I thought, “Yay! It will keep me informed of when my favorite TV shows come back on the air and remind me what channel and time because when these stupid networks bring back my faves like “Star” and “Walking Dead” I seem to never see the notices of when they return for the second half of their seasons unlike in the old days when a season ran from September to June and you always knew what channel. Anyway… no matter how I tried it refused to do what I wanted. So, eventually, as word got around that these things were spies or something equally sinister, like informing marketers that you like stripey shirts so you get all these targeted ads,, it got unplugged and put into deep sleep until a time when I can download a program that will make it do something useful, like remind me to watch


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