Looking Good!

My cartoon this week is about a teacher picking out clothes to wear in her classroom. Back when I was in 3rd and 4th Grade, I had a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Angrees. I had her for both those grades because she moved up. I mentioned her in a previous post on International Women’s Day. She was kind, smart, encouraging and just a terrific teacher in general. We all wanted to learn from her because she didn’t talk down to us and also was very skilled at getting her lessons across, whether it was English and spelling or arithmetic (my worst subject). I can’t even remember her ever having to discipline anyone because no one ever misbehaved in her class. She also was beautiful. She was tall and stylish and looked like a model, so we were all also a little in awe of her. She always looked good, but that’s not the reason so many of us remember her… she was someone who made us look forward to going to class every day. And that was probably her greatest accomplishment!


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