Speaking of cooking… it is tomato season and after waiting all summer they start to ripen all at once!

We do a variety of different things with them such as oven drying the plum tomatoes and freezing them which makes them SO incredibly yummy as it condenses their flavor and I also make tomato jam a recipe I got from here:
which is one of my very favorite uses for a bunch of tomatoes!

And, if you ever happen to visit  NH in the spring through the fall my husband sells a lot of our fresh organic veggies and preserves in our town every Saturday!






Distracted Mom

The other day I was just about to turn into the library when I paused because I saw a little boy walking along and carrying a backpack. He saw me and hesitated. I motioned for him to go ahead, but his mom, walking beside him kept going because she was staring at a screen and not paying any attention to her son or the traffic or anything. It reminded me of an extreme version of this cartoon.


Summer Surprises

We feed the birds and as a result we also end up feeding a lot of squirrels and chipmunks. This year, the chipmunks buried sunflower seeds all over our garden and forgot about them and these clusters of sunflowers started popping up all over so as an experiment I separated some and when they started growing they were all different! So, the seeds we buy must be from a bunch of different sunflower varieties!


Me and the Phantom

The first time I ever saw or read anything about “Phantom of the Opera” was when I bought my first issue of “Famous Monsters Magazine” when I was around 7! It changed my life! I learned a lot because the Editor, Forest J. Ackerman, was a very intellectual and cultured man who loved the classic horror films and introduced its readers to the literature behind it as well.
The first book I ever sent away for was “Phantom of the Opera” by Gaston Leroux. I was about 10 and I’d seen an ad for it somewhere and my Dad wrote me a check.
That was just the beginning of a loooong relationship!ph-b-1-s


Remembering John Zacherle

photo-zacherleyAs kids growing up in NY we had the best television. Everything from westerns to the Mickey Mouse Club… but the best of all were the  horror movies hosted by John Zacherle or “Zacherley” as he was known and also called “the Cool Ghoul”. He was witty and inventive and would interrupt the low budget films to comment or create his own action that was more fun then the movie. Whether wearing a pith helmet or cutting up a brain (or cauliflower) laughing throughout, he commanded your attention and devotion. I had a huge crush on him. I mean, he was very striking, in make-up or without, and that voice!!! He was 98 when he died, somehow, fittingly, during the lead-up to Halloween. A loss to his fans everywhere.


Halloween Countdown

Every year on my own blog:
I try and do a Halloween Countdown, and because of one thing and another, it usually comes after months of not posting anything because we have a huge garden and that just takes precedence over everything else. Anyway, I am going to inaugurate the countdown here and then repost it there! Here is Halloween cartoon # 1:hfriendsbw1s


Happy 30th

Monday, October 10th, was the 30th Anniversary of Phantom of the Opera and all around the world phans tuned in to see a live broadcast from Her Majesty’s Theatre in London. There may be a Chix cartoon on the horizon commemorating this but since we work waaay ahead, I did this one to share: