Remembering John Zacherle

photo-zacherleyAs kids growing up in NY we had the best television. Everything from westerns to the Mickey Mouse Club… but the best of all were the  horror movies hosted by John Zacherle or “Zacherley” as he was known and also called “the Cool Ghoul”. He was witty and inventive and would interrupt the low budget films to comment or create his own action that was more fun then the movie. Whether wearing a pith helmet or cutting up a brain (or cauliflower) laughing throughout, he commanded your attention and devotion. I had a huge crush on him. I mean, he was very striking, in make-up or without, and that voice!!! He was 98 when he died, somehow, fittingly, during the lead-up to Halloween. A loss to his fans everywhere.


Halloween Countdown

Every year on my own blog:
I try and do a Halloween Countdown, and because of one thing and another, it usually comes after months of not posting anything because we have a huge garden and that just takes precedence over everything else. Anyway, I am going to inaugurate the countdown here and then repost it there! Here is Halloween cartoon # 1:hfriendsbw1s


Happy 30th

Monday, October 10th, was the 30th Anniversary of Phantom of the Opera and all around the world phans tuned in to see a live broadcast from Her Majesty’s Theatre in London. There may be a Chix cartoon on the horizon commemorating this but since we work waaay ahead, I did this one to share:


Kathryn LeMieux – 2008 Presidential Election – Six Chix


Kathryn LeMieux muses on the 2008 Presidential Election.

We are  close to the Presidential Election, and since it is “Throwback Thursday”, I thought I would post an oldie but goodie from Kathryn LeMieux, who left Six Chix a few years ago to pursue her fine art career There is a lot to like about this cartoon, but one thing I only just noticed are the smiley faces on the daisies.


Fibonacci forever…

Hello out there. Today’s cartoon is brought to you by the mathematician Leonardo Pisano aka Fibonacci. And although Fibonacci was around long before passwords and computers, he was the guy who created the Fibonacci sequence—an infinite pattern of numbers where every other number is the sum of the previous two numbers, i.e., 1,1,2,3,5,8,13 etc. And since we’re talking cartoons and art, Fibonacci’s sequence also has a special relationship to a number pattern known as the golden ratio or golden mean (phi). And that same golden ratio was/is used in art, architecture and nature to create what is often considered the most appealing of proportion and composition to the human eye. So next time your looking at a work of art or architecture or maybe even a cartoon, see if you can identify the golden ratio. Now, I wonder if the Fibonacci in the cartoon will ever finish entering his password…Cheers, Susan


Oktoberfest Lederhosen: to wash or not to wash?





Here is the black and white version of my lederhosen comic.  Oktoberfest went from in September 17 to October 3 this year. I’m not a big beer drinker, but “lederhosen” is a funny word. Even if all it means is leather pants.