Another Great Day!

It’s Saturday and rainy here in NH and I have to work at the Library today, but, hey! Things could be a LOT worse! As anyone who grew up on Nuclear Disaster, Post Apocalyptic and end of the world movies can tell you! Just be glad giant ants aren’t beating down your door, or space aliens kidnapping your parents and returning them just a bit different… and, of course, there are no pods in your basement ready to hatch your replacement. So, grab an umbrella and get out and enjoy your weekend!



Jane Eyre Retake

This cartoon takes poetic license with Charlotte Bronte’s classic, “Jane Eyre” by adding a twist to the story… and borrowing one of my favorite closing lines, shared by Claude Rains and Humphrey Bogart, as they walk off together at the end of Casablanca.



E Devices

I have a friend who loves everything new in the way of technology. And he loves to share. So when he gave us an Echo dot I thought, “Yay! It will keep me informed of when my favorite TV shows come back on the air and remind me what channel and time because when these stupid networks bring back my faves like “Star” and “Walking Dead” I seem to never see the notices of when they return for the second half of their seasons unlike in the old days when a season ran from September to June and you always knew what channel. Anyway… no matter how I tried it refused to do what I wanted. So, eventually, as word got around that these things were spies or something equally sinister, like informing marketers that you like stripey shirts so you get all these targeted ads,, it got unplugged and put into deep sleep until a time when I can download a program that will make it do something useful, like remind me to watch


Portraying Women in Ads

This cartoon was based on something  I learned about women in print ads.
My husband was a multi-award winning newspaper editor and journalist for many years. As part of his work he once went to a seminar on how women were portrayed in print media. This was nothing new, but when he shared what he learned with me I really started looking at newspaper and magazine ads. There were lots of ads for women’s undies but also women in many other ads were often crouching, bent over or otherwise minimized as opposed to how men in ads were portrayed. Anyway, things have been changing for the better with more women editors, photographers, film-makers and company Presidents (not to mention cartoonists!). Still, who doesn’t love a good sale on all cotton undies?


International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

Today’s Six Chix cartoon celebrates the beginning of Women’s History Month which includes International Women’s Day which is March 8. Six Chix will be honoring these events with a week of cartoons begun yesterday with Benita Epstein’s work. Be sure to check in each day to see each Chick’s work on this subject. My cartoon, today, is based on a wonderful teacher I had for 3rd and 4th grades, Mrs. Angrees. I will always remember her and I think anyone who was lucky enough to have her as a teacher will always remember her as a one of a kind educator.

Here are links to Women’s History Month:

and to International Women’s Day:



There’s Something Out There…

 My Six Chix cartoon for today (1/27/18) features a UFO alien. Years ago, I was standing in the parking lot of Boston Chicken with family and friends and looked up and saw this white light that seemed to be hovering and then shot straight up and disappeared! When I said “Did you see that???” no one else did… so I decided to do some research. I contacted an organization called Boston MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and spoke with a gentleman who first said “Would you consent to being hypnotized?” “Um… no!” I replied. So then he said the military had new air thingys that could approximate a UFO and that was probably what it was.
I ended up joining the local MUFON so I could sell the UFO tees and other things I was inspired to create at the conferences and they were fascinating and a lot of fun and I sold a LOT of tees and things. As a result, I’ve continued to add the “aliens” to my cartoons and they’ve featured throughout my Six Chix work and other work over the years!


Famous Monsters Changed My Life

It’s almost Halloween and I always think of Famous Monsters of Film Land Magazine which was all monsters all the time. When I was maybe 7 or so I went to the candy store to buy a comic and instead ran back home to ask my Mom for the unheard of price (if I remember correctly) of 50 cents to buy a magazine I’d never seen before, the first issue of FM! Little did I realize that I was about to have my life changed by its editor Forest J Ackerman! He was a brilliant man who introduced his kid audience to Ray Bradbury and Gaston Leroux, H.P. Lovecraft and Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley and to the world of silent movies, German expressionism as well as all those Universal monsters and creatures of the night. I never got to meet Mr. Ackerman which was a dream I had, like meeting Walt Disney, but I am eternally grateful to him for expanding my appreciation of so many authors, filmmakers and actors.


Object of Desire

The cartoon of mine that posted today deals with a woman facing an object of desire. And how to acquire it.
Everyone seems to have an Object of Desire. Sometimes attainable, sometimes not.
A few years ago I saw a necklace in Target. I didn’t buy it. Then I decided I had to have it. When I went back…it was gone. I didn’t let that stop me… I was OBSESSED with this necklace! I tracked it down after visiting several other Targets. I still wear it all the time.
I did a mini-graphic novel about it. Here are a few of images from that featuring that very necklace! And good luck on attaining YOUR Object of Desire!


Book Clubs


I love Book Clubs. I used to run one and it was really fun to read something and then have a group discussion. I also LOVE recommending books to the patrons at the library where I work. I used to call myself the Militant Recommender and eventually created a book review blog called that where I try and review books as often as possible, which sometimes takes a while because I try and do an illustration for every book I read. I only review books I LOVE. I don’t like to hurt any author’s feelings by giving any kind of negative review, so I never do those! Check it out when you have a chance!




Speaking of cooking… it is tomato season and after waiting all summer they start to ripen all at once!

We do a variety of different things with them such as oven drying the plum tomatoes and freezing them which makes them SO incredibly yummy as it condenses their flavor and I also make tomato jam a recipe I got from here:
which is one of my very favorite uses for a bunch of tomatoes!

And, if you ever happen to visit  NH in the spring through the fall my husband sells a lot of our fresh organic veggies and preserves in our town every Saturday!