Not a Creature was Stirring, except for some Raccoons

Although I’ve never had raccoons make a mess on Boxing Day ,the day after Christmas, I have learned the hard way that if I have any particularly appetizing garbage – like lobster shells for instance – it is best to bag it and leave it inside the house overnight. Just be ready to hand it directly to the sanitation worker the next morning. Raccoons can be very dextrous – they have 5 fingers on each of their 4 legs. Find out more about “Monday’s Six Chix” ,Isabella Bannerman, here


Tips to improve your Job Security


I imagine this robot costume could actually be comfortable, as long as you had a little motor oil for the joints. But I’m not sure it would really improve your job security.


Oktoberfest Lederhosen: to wash or not to wash?





Here is the black and white version of my lederhosen comic.  Oktoberfest went from in September 17 to October 3 this year. I’m not a big beer drinker, but “lederhosen” is a funny word. Even if all it means is leather pants.